The Law and Economics of Framework Agreements - Designing Flexible Solutions for Public Procurement, 2016, Cambride University Press (with Caroline Nicholas)
Papers in peer-reviewed journals
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Papers in peer-reviewed journals (in Italian)


  • “Le Formule di Aggiudicazione nelle Gare d’Appalto all’Offerta Economicamente Più Vantaggiosa,” (2014), L’Industria, N.4. (with M. Sparro and R. Zampino)
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Book chapters


  • “Demand Aggregation and Collusion Prevention in Public Procurement”, in Racca, G. M., Yukins, C. and Cavallo Perin, R. (Eds.), Promoting Integrity in Public Procurement: Accountability and Transparency, 2014, Bruylant.
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Edited Volumes/Books


  • Charting a Course in Innovation and Knowledge Sharing, coedited with K. Snider and K. Thai, PrAcademics Press, Boca Raton, 2012
  • Special Issue of the Journal of Public Procurement for the 2010 International Public Procurement Conference (Seoul – Republic of South Korea) (with Dae-In Kim)

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